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Night School Graduates 2019 

Email to enquire about any of the mentees.


Aisha Seriki

Aisha Seriki is a self-taught photographer of Nigerian descent. At the age of eight, her family immigrated from South East Asia to the UK and she has been residing in South East London ever since. Much of her work is created as a commentary on the social issues prevalent within the world today.


Ife Ojo

Ifé’s passion for music, creativity and culture unexpectedly comes from her love of mathematics. She loves attacking complex questions both analytically and creatively and presenting these ideas with authenticity.


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Jae Tallawah 

Jae Tallawah is a ferociously brummy, non-binary, neurodiverse, music maker, visual artist and space curator. Their work focuses on the fusion of colours and sounds to facilitate holistic 360 experiences. Jae is driven by a desire to curate spaces and experiences that make people feel seen, encouraged and heal.


Lanaire Aderemi

Lanaire Aderemi is a poet, playwright and performer that enjoys mixing poetry with music and art. Her play 'an evening with verse writer' won the 2019 Shoot Festival Artist Development Award and was commissioned by Warwick Arts Centre in October. Lanaire's work on memory and Black feminist history has appeared in Vogue and Elle.



Linda Sou

As a writer, image maker and creative, Linda has a multifaceted approach in her work to create space for marginalised individuals in Britain and further afield. The core goal in much of her creative output is a broadening of possibilities and potentialities, as well as the breakdown of societal constraints on and stereotypes of East Asian bodies.


Nadine Reynolds

Nadine is an upcoming writer/director who enjoys writing about the messy parts of life, society and the world. As a result, she has found herself passionately working towards journalistic documentaries, as well as contemporary art pieces that inspire to entertain, enlighten and empower her audience. Expect to be left with an urgent desire for change after watching or reading any of her pieces.


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Nana Owusu-Ansah

Nana is a London-based photographer and creative, seeking to capture her story and tell the stories of other people through her work. She enjoys getting involved with projects which focus on themes of identity, intersectionality and nostalgia. She is never seen to leave her house without either her journal or camera. Her purpose as a creative is to act as a vessel to amplify important stories and inspire.


Precious Joy Oni

Self-described as an "open -minded creative", Precious is a well-rounded talent. She lives for freedom of expression, with special passions for music, words and analysis of cultural contexts. Precious obtained various skills from her degree in psychology that enable her to adapt to many creative roles/outlets. She aims to evoke emotion, relation and authenticity in anything she creates.



Rishabh Sharma

Rishabh’s interests lie within advertising. Particularly intrigued by the modern advertising of automobiles, his marketing masters has helped him develop strong insight into transparency in brand marketing, in-line with the world’s growing interest in environmentalism. Over his years of experience, he has developed a passion for work that promotes social equality and sustainability.


Sabah Foster

Sabah’s love for collage celebrates her passion for found image and nostalgia. Sabah adores reappropriating found items, images and memories - disregarding function to explore new ideas in colour and shape. Breathing new life into the familiar.


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Saffron Renzullo

Saffron has always been intrigued by human behaviour and how we connect as social beings. These obsessions act as her mental make-up which champions her creativity. She has a passion for sharing lived experiences and providing a platform for people who are under-represented, so that they can feel like they belong. This can also be shown through her illustrations. She loves creating creative concepts to provide a gateway to raise awareness and educate.


Saagar Kaushik

Saagar’s passion for creativity stems from music and the content that we assimilate into our daily lives. Why does content become so natural and immersed in our routine? This is what he hopes to figure out and recreate by connecting people through conversation. He believes we are all more united through speech.



Tito Mogaji-Williams

Inspired the intersections of culture and politics,

Tito is at his best when strategising. Ambitious yet creative, he enjoys discovering new trends and finding out what makes them work. He's particularly curious about the digital world and enjoys analysing and changing the conversation.


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