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A platform for Animators - Holdframe offers full project files for others to download and explore

Holdframe is a new platform for animators and motion designer to build a community to share with, learn from, and support their fellow artists.

Motionographer editor Joe Donaldson has launched a platform that basically allows you to worm your way through full project files of amazing animators, letting you learn step-by-step how they build their work and giving you an insight into the digital minds of great creators! Not only that, as an amazing animator or motion graphic designer, you can also sell your projects and give someone else a sneak-peak into you art process.

"The idea behind Holdframe is to create a community-centered platform where individuals can buy and sell project files for educational purposes" - Donaldson

With Holdframe Donaldson is building a platform that will allow the distribution and sharing of projects across the animation and motion graphics community with no middle-man. He is creating a direct connection to the creators in the community. “In doing so, we’ll not only be creating a new educational tool for our community to learn from, where individuals can see exactly how real professionals work in real situations, but we’ll also be creating a new source of passive, scalable income for the creators themselves" he writes.

Elliot Lim: The Wire

Kirsten Lepore: Hi Stranger

With platforms like these that become popular amongst the mainstream (white dominated) art scene, we need to make sure that minority ethnic artists are present. A platform such as Holdframe opens another channel to build a community, and to learn from the talent around us and share our skills. More importantly, it's an avenue to monetise your process and not just share for nothing, there is value in talent and that value can sometimes have a price tag to your benefit.

This could become your new side hustle, or main, who knows?


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