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"Filling Space" by PUMA Competition winner Rebecca Wong: A Tribute to shattering glass ceilings

Rebecca Wong's exceptional triumph in PUMA's Black Designers Competition is a testament to her passionate commitment to celebrating the accomplishments of black women who have shattered glass ceilings in traditionally male-dominated fields. Her winning entry, "Filling Space," pays homage to the remarkable achievements of these trailblazing women who have left an indelible mark on sports and music.

In response to the competition brief, Wong's project serves as a tribute to the determination of black women who have played pivotal roles in arenas such as hip hop and sport, often setting trends and breaking barriers in the process. The driving force behind "Filling Space", as Wong tells us, was the impactful documentary "Ladies First," which shed light on the pioneering contributions of women in the early days of hip-hop. Additionally, the historic qualification of Jamaica's women's football team for the World Cup, with Wong's Jamaican heritage, served as a profound source of inspiration. These two influences converged to create a dynamic backdrop for a fashion collection that seamlessly blends the worlds of sports and music.

Wong's creative vision for "Filling Space" is a testament to her dedication to celebrating significant subjects through a cultural lens. Her use of lace features symbolizes femininity and the essence of the Caribbean living room, while large, oversized denim pieces and appliques pay homage to the world of hip-hop. The collection celebrates the essence of athleisure, where Jamaican culture and the hip-hop scene beautifully intersect. The PUMA team explained the thought process behind their decision, emphasizing the remarkable journey that Wong took them on, from the initial inspiration to the final execution of her designs.

"We loved every part of the journey she took us on, from her inspiration to the designs and the final outcome! She poured herself into this competition, and we admired the execution at which it was done! She went above and beyond to give us an insight into her culture, her creative mind, and thought process. We found the music video of her garments to be a great touch. We're sure these designs will inspire other creatives to be bold, expressive, and embrace their individuality."

In the spirit of the recent Black History Month, "Filling Space" eloquently emphasizes the importance of black female voices and triumphs. Wong's collection consists of five unisex looks paired with the iconic Puma Suede, a symbol of style and cultural significance.

Not just a collection, "Filling Space" is a tribute to the resilience and achievements of black women, a celebration of their influence in traditionally male-dominated fields, and an artistic expression of their cultural significance. Her success in PUMA's Black Designers Competition is a beacon of inspiration, encouraging others to honour their heritage, be bold, and unapologetically embrace their individuality in the world of fashion.


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