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PUMA launches a new fashion design competition to champion UK Black Designers

Sportswear giant PUMA has announced a brand-new competition to support emerging Black fashion designers across the UK. To further their dedication to championing upcoming talent, PUMA is spotlighting the next generation of design talent, offering a platform to express their creativity and share their unique stories.

At the heart of this campaign is the iconic PUMA Suede – a shoe that has transcended generations, cultures, and communities since its inception in 1968. From the courts to the curbs, the shoe has been worn by the icons of every generation – and it’s stayed classic through it all. The PUMA Suede has been embraced by icons across the spectrum, cementing its place not only in the world of sportswear- but within Black culture. With a history so deeply intertwined with narratives of resilience and triumph, the PUMA Suede is the perfect piece for this year's PUMA Black History Month celebration.

The competition invites aspiring designers to pair their innovative designs with the timeless PUMA Suede.

The challenge:

Sketch three to five full looks, each consisting of three garments, and articulate the inspiration behind your designs in a 250-word written submission. (All designs submitted will be protected by PUMA and only considered for the purpose of the competition.)

The reward: Three standout designers will be selected by a panel of experts and awarded £1,000 each to bring their artistic visions to life. They’ll buy their desired materials, fastenings and everything they need to turn their sketches into tangible garments.

From the shortlisted three, one designer will further receive an additional £1,000, a piece of top-tier design equipment, and most importantly, an invaluable mentorship session with renowned costume designer, and creative director for women’s basketball, June Ambrose. This one-on-one mentorship will allow for the lucky winner to hear fashion industry advice, and aid them on their fashion journey.

The campaign not only celebrates innovation but also seeks to honour and amplify Black voices, stories, and contributions in the design space.

From August 16th to September 4th, the doors are open for aspiring designers to submit their creations and stories to for consideration. For those eager to seize this remarkable opportunity, further details can be found on the PUMA website here.


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