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On the Road - Documenting the streets of West Africa

Documenting everyday life on the long-stretched roads of West Africa, Reuben Fakoya-Brooks showcases ‘On the Road’ an unprecedented viewpoint from the streets of Lagos, Nigeria and Accra, Ghana.

‘On the Road’ is a long-term project exploring the cultural social identities of countries, channelled through the prism of their life on the road. Created from an initial frustration from being stuck in traffic Reuben noticed a hidden world, often glanced over, from the rear window. Taken entirely from the backseat of a car both stationary in “bumper-to-bumper” traffic and at “lawless” speeds, Reubens first chapter encapsulates a unique and sincere image of an often-hidden world in an otherwise bustling industrial metropolis of Lagos, Nigeria. The second chapter centres around Accra, Ghana a notably quieter city, which has translated through the often-calmer images. 


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