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Artist of The Day Exhibition - Charlotte Edey

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

The work of the very talented illustrator Charlotte Edey will be shown in a solo exhibition as a part of the Artist of The Day series at Flowers Gallery on the 2nd of July.

As part of an annual 2 week exhibition (that has been running since 1983), the gallery is hosting Yellowzine's very own issue one cover artist's solo exhibition, but make sure you keep your eye on the ball because it's for one day only. Edey's work is unmissable, if you didn't get your hands on a copy of issue 1, or even if you did, we strongly recommend seeing her work in person.

Self -described as "softly surreal", the engulfing beauty of Charlotte's illustrations is only matched by her giant tapestry pieces that never fail to complete a room.

Her work explores themes of identity and often uses a delicate juxtaposition of vast spaces and small bodies to create a world of visual utopia. Speaking of her art to Flowers Gallery, Charlotte describes her pieces as "drawing on modernist architecture and vastly arid landscapes, the scenes are punctuated with touches of lush, organic idyll and miniature figures. Across a series of drawings and large-scale tapestry work, the use of scale and visual contrasts explore the delicate nature of equilibrium."


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