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Saatchi Gallery and Adidas London present street art exhibition 'BEYOND THE STREETS'

Supported by adidas Originals, Saatchi Gallery in London is set to hold the UK's most comprehensive graffiti and street art exhibition opening this February.

FOAM2 painting a Vandalz piece,New Cross Yard, London, 1987 by Gus Coral

From February to May 2023, Saatchi Gallery in London will be hosting the BEYOND THE STREETS exhibition, which promises to be the most comprehensive exhibition of graffiti and street art ever presented in the UK. The exhibition will feature the work of more than 100 artists from around the world, including both emerging and established artists.

Curated by graffiti historian Roger Gastman, BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON will explore the history of graffiti and street art, from its origins in the streets of New York City in the 1970s to its global impact today. The exhibition will showcase works from artists with roots in the graffiti and street art movements, including some of the most famous names in the genre.

By Martha Cooper

The exhibition will be organized into several chapters, each of which will explore different moments in the history of graffiti and street art. The first chapter, "Music & Art Converge," will focus on the relationship between music and graffiti in the late 1970s and early 1980s. This period saw the rise of punk and hip-hop music, which in turn gave rise to a new wave of street artists who were inspired by these musical movements. The chapter will feature works by artists such as FUTURA2000 and MODE2.

The exhibition will also feature installations that highlight the role of graffiti and street art in fashion and film. For example, visitors can browse through Trash Records, an interactive installation that recreates a record shop and showcases the influence of music on the street art movement.

One of the most exciting aspects of BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON is the opportunity to see original ephemera and extraordinary fashion that capture the powerful impact of graffiti and street art. The exhibition will feature works by artists such as André Saraiva, Fab 5 Freddy, and KAWS, whose contributions to the genre have helped to shape the way we think about art and its relationship to the streets.

BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON is a must-see exhibition for anyone interested in the history of graffiti and street art. The exhibition promises to be a comprehensive and immersive experience, showcasing the powerful impact of these art forms on contemporary culture. Visitors will have the opportunity to see works by some of the most influential artists in the genre and gain a deeper understanding of the role of graffiti and street art in shaping our world today. Tickets can be booked here: Instagram: @beyondthestreetsart Twitter: @Beyond__streets

Jim Prigoff and Storefront Murals NYC 1984

Beastie Boys Exhibit

Bunny Love (Blue & Pink) by AIKO


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