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Ciaran Christopher invites you to look in the eyes of masculine vulnerability

"The beauty in the strength we have as black men when we are able to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. 

When we are able to provide support for ourselves but also a space where we are able to help support for others. Building and strengthen bonds between men of our community, by allowing each other to hold one another up supporting one another.  The images present themselves as raw and soft, expressing the balance within the power of revealing who we are, stripping away of preconceived notions of black masculinity, and to the gentle embrace and abilities support of one another. Revealing a strength and power can found where these feelings meet."

Words by Ciaran Christopher

Models - Kai Cornwall (@britishmustard), Ramario Chevoy (@ramariochevoy)

MUA - Mata Mariélle (@mata_marielle)

Photographer - Ciaran Christopher (@ciaran.christopher)


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