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“Where are you from?” - the complexities and perspectives of the immigrant experience in Britain

Updated: Mar 16

“Where are you from?”

A loaded question for sure – for those of us who have migrated from our home countries, this question is nuanced, complex and most of the time, triggering. The statement often really asks, why are you other?

Stylist Rishy Malik teamed up with waxxwork duo Timothy Casten and Vikesh Govind to create 'Displaced', a fashion photography project, borne out of the experiences of growing up in “the west" as people of colour. The series explores themes of identity, heritage and feelings of displacement. A celebration of all the different lives and pathways the group have navigated.


Photographers - waxxwork - Timothy Casten & Vikesh Govind

Creative Direction – waxxwork + Rishy Malik

Stylist - Rishy Malik

Music (for video) - Yumna Black


Shailan Gohil

Christall Reign Quinto

Emilia Boateng

Sui Donavon


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