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Exploring Element - Jahmal Anthony and Rishy Malik

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

The shoot explored the concept of 'Element'. Speaking to stylist and creative director of the shoot Rishy Malik she tells us, "Element is the essential or characteristic part of something abstract - its a segment to a story, it’s also a content feeling and more scientifically, an element is the simplest substance that cannot be broken down; its strong and stable."

Stylist: Rishy Malik 

Photographer: Jahmal Anthony

Model: Odile Jordan

Creative Direction: Rishy Malik 

Designer: Natalie Wildgoose

We asked Rishy to talk us through the different visuals in each shoot and how this contributed to the overarching theme of 'Element'.

"The idea is that regardless of the struggles you face, you will always become stronger and more assured in yourself in the long run and essentially no one can take you out of your element (see Kendrick Lemar), or your final form."

" I wanted to portray the pattern of emotions which commonly arise in your journey to the final form, your element: from feeling confident (look 1), to feeling fragile and vulnerable (look 2), and lastly to feeling alone and experiencing solitude (look 3).

I also wanted the audience to notice the smallest of details, every element; from the depth in the photography in look 1, to the use of colours, fabrics and lighting in look 2, and to the layers of garments in look 3. 

Look 1 - Confidence

Her stance, so strong and fierce - standing tall and proud. Her long dress is worn so effortlessly, layered with sheer material to convey confidence in modesty.

Look 2 -  fragile + vulnerable

Textures of clothing vary from frills to net to foam padding - conveys confusion; a period of being lost and found and then lost again - therefore becoming vulnerable and fragile to others. These images also have a very angelic feel to them, the frilled skirt used as wings; gives the idea that you will eventually save yourself during these periods.


Look 3 - solitude

Taken in front of a cave, the model is shown taking the time to understand her journey, herself and essentially finding ‘self love’. The outfit even has some heritage influences, with earrings and headdress - showing the acknowledgement of your roots. Understanding yourself comes from taking time out, being alone - this can be a lonely time as you don’t always have the answers."

Words by Aisha Ayoade


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