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Do You Know Your Middle? - Joy Miessi solo exhibition

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

Joy Miessi, the very talented illustrator who featured in our debut issue is having her first solo exhibition next month! The body of work will be showcased at the home of our issue 2 launch party 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, from the 9th - 27th of July, with a private viewing on the 6th.

Joy's work " translates moments, conversations, feelings and intimate thoughts into mixed media works. Through abstract shapes, figures and written musings, Joy utilises a range of processes to compose pieces that make reference to the duality of everyday life in the UK and her Congolese heritage. "

Prayer: Joy Miessi

Do you know your middle?: Joy Miessi

We spoke to Joy late last year for her feature in the magazine. We discussed how her work has certain motifs that although are unknown to herself, have been noticed by viewers and friends because of her consistency. Her work can be recognised through the inclusion of cut out shapes, a use of dashes which she says is something she does when she runs out of space for text and also her handwriting, which makes her work personal. “I definitely agree on the dashes, it’s one of those habits I haven’t learnt to shake when writing but now embrace in my art”, she tells us.

This particular exhibition is titled as reference to a phrase repeated by the Joy’s mother from a young age, as she would part and braid her hair. Speaking on the title, Joy says "Do you know your middle is something my mum used to say to me when I was younger as she'd line my hair. She'd ask me "do you know your middle?" as in to let me know that I'm not paying attention so my parting would be in the wrong place. Now as I'm older, I kind of interpret "do you know your middle?" to mean "do you know your core? who you are? where you come from?" Each piece documents and retells moments, creating a permanence to past experiences from Miessi’s life.

Where I was invisible: Joy Miessi

See more of Joy's work here


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