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The Space Issue: Stay Baking - Paq.Works

Stay Baking is an ongoing personal project by Joshua Allan and Chiamaka Ojechi of based on a chain of stories sequentially told by the characters within each scene. These stories unify to reveal the full motion picture, illustrating the parallels between tension and tranquility in a visual narrative of heated expression.

Art Director, photographer, Illustrator and graphic designer; 25 year-old Chiamaka has a very impressive portfolio. She works with an experimental nature and style to create work which not only visually mind-blowing, but also meaningful and conceptually driven. We’ve been following Chiamaka’s creative works for years now and we’re honoured to talk to her about her ‘Stay Baking’ project (available to view in full here)

Read our full interview with Chiamake Ojechi in Yellowzine Issue 02: Buy here

Words by Aisha Ayoade


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