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Yellowzine Live at House of Illustration

On Thursday the 5th of July we're having a Yellowzine Live event and a mini issue 1 re-launch! The wonderful House of Illustration invited us and 4 artists from Issue 1 to have a chat with them about our progress and process in creativity. Also we'll be reselling a limited amount of issue 1 copies!

Yellowzine: Issue 1

House of Illustration explores both historic and contemporary illustration and the work of defining and emerging illustrators. The organisation not only supports and promotes new talent, but also commissions new work and has a pioneering learning programme delivered by professional illustrators. On Thursday we'll be sharing their space alongside issue 1 artists; Joy Miessi, Randy  Amoakohen (Ryadraws), Charlotte Edey and Kingsley Nebechi.


All four artists worked with us in our first issue and shared with us their journey to defining themselves as artists and the not so linear steps they had to take accordingly. Between them, the artists have a myriad of inspirations from Joy's congolese/british identity to the influence of the city of London and the varying styles within it for Kingsley, we got to know so much about the artists in our issue 1 and are excited to learn some more in the next few days. 

I spoke to House of Illustration a week ago about Yellowzine's journey, how the idea came to fruition, what artists stood out to us and why we felt that the magazine was a necessary step in the world of art. 

Joy Miessi

Kingsley Nebechi

As aforementionned, the event will also host a mini relaunch of issue 1! It sold out in its initial release and we are so so grateful, so we thought it was only right to bring it back for those who have asked us for a copy and weren't able to get one. For the first chance to get yourself a copy, come over to the event, get tickets here.

Charlotte Edey

Also, don't miss Charlotte's one day exhibition today at Flowers Gallery and Joy's first solo exhibition this month that has a private viewing on Friday at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning.


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