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Exploring Hong Kong Summers as nature's best kept secret - Yilin Wong

Hong Kong has become synonymous with high-rises and busy life, but there is more to this city than just bright lights and big city dreams. Its natural landscapes and coastal origins are one of the world’s best-kept secrets and this is what drove photographer Yilin Wong to document the hidden treasures of her homeland in her collection Hong Kong Summers.

Exploration and youth go hand in hand, which is what pushed Yilin to expand her horizons and venture outside of the city walls she was brought up in. She argues that city life does not encourage an appreciation of nature. Her love of the outdoors is something she nurtured independently and is therefore linked to her coming of age; Yilin’s exploration was both external and internal.

This shoot dwells on the memory of childhood by capturing the spirit of exploration in every photo. The series spans over several summers but was collated after a period of deep reflection and personal change. Her curiosity and sense of adventure are almost tangible, with the photos acting as visual triggers of her journey, her growth and her self-development. She describes the process as immensely rewarding

This photographic series shows Hong Kong through photographer Yilin Wong’s eyes and lens, focussing on the people she loves and her favourite aspects of the city she calls home. She argues that ‘people of diaspora use nostalgia as their anchor’ and for her, Hong Kong is the beacon that always brings her back.


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