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Pop Up Projects is launching a 'BAME illustrator mentorship scheme'

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

In partnership with House of Illustration - London-based enterprise, Pop Up Projects is launching a mentorship scheme to support minority ethnic illustrators towards a career in children's publishing.

The programme is a two-year pilot that aims to provide 30 illustrators (in and out of London) with 70 days of masterclasses, as well as mentorship sessions and business training to guide them through to a career in illustrating children's books.

Pop-Up Projects is a not-for-profit social enterprise that runs literature programmes and events for children across the UK. They aim to "work collaboratively with educational, literary and cultural organisations to enable children, empower teachers, and engage families from all walks of life to read more widely, write more creatively, and develop visual storytelling skills”

In conversation with The Bookseller, The Founder of Pop Up Projects Dylan Calder says: “Diversity infuses everything we do at Pop Up. Today’s young readers live in an increasingly multicultural, globally connected society and it’s vital that literature reflects this. This means proactively addressing under-representation across the spectrum of children’s literature and publishing — from the author workforce through to leadership.”

The structure of the programme will see the chosen 30 artists produce five small-scale works of children's literature, the best of which will then be sold by Pop Up Projects and also at the House of Illustration. The chosen final pieces will also be going on display at both the London Book Fair and Bologna Children’s Book Fair to boot.

Aspiring illustrators can email for more information


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