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“Everything’s a bit f*cked” – Audiovisual creator Esai Asiaw takes us on a journey through his mind

Esai is an audio-visual artist inspired by abstract approaches. Through collaboration with a diverse selection of clients, Esai brings to life a comprehensive understanding of visual and audio communication across genres. His work, self-described as “beautiful disruption” is an acute representation of the chaos of the mind with the aim to bring to light conversations around mental health.

Excerpt from our New Traditions issue

What was your entry into the art scene?

It started when I was younger, I used to make gaming videos. Then I started designing animations on top of my gaming videos. After a few years of doing that and developing my own style and interest, I ended up getting an internship at a marketing media agency, about six years ago. Whilst I was there, I was predominantly doing edits and some designing, working with a very high-level animator. He taught me how to animate and all that. That's how I got the amalgamation of all these different skills.

How come you didn't go straight into gaming design?

Something was missing there for me. It wasn't creatively fulfilling. I felt restricted when only working with gaming, I wanted to branch out more and be more expressive.

Three or four years ago, there wasn't the same democratisation of creativity in the industry. Now everyone can do everything. Whereas, before there was a clearer sense of hierarchy in this sector with wider variations of access, exposure, etc. This has now been deconstructed. I think that gives people, like myself, more freedom to just do whatever with less pressure as well.

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I'm a visual/audio artist inspired by abstract approaches. With my audio, I create music, but it's not your typical musical sound, it's more experimental.


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