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Inner Oshun - The Goddess of love and light

Captured along the streets of Peckham, ‘Inner Oshun’ brings the religion of the New World into the modern world by blending ancient traditions with contemporary creative forms. In this shoot, model Tyla Brown and photographer Marcus Hessenberg explore the ways in which the Yoruba Goddess Oshun manifests and simultaneously radiates out onto the people around her.

Known as the Goddess of love and life, Oshun is a beloved deity in many Yoruba societies, in both Africa and its diasporic communities. A key figure in the Yoruba religion, Oshun is known as the people’s goddess and the ultimate symbol of femininity, fertility and sensuality. She is a symbol of the beauty life has to offer and this is reflected in the bold and bright styling and make up featured in the shoot. Oshun is a force of unity and the seamless links between the artists involved in this project only emphasise this further.

This ‘fashion collective shoot’ Inner Oshun marries the work of several unique creatives and is golden in its hues to mirror the typical colours associated with Oshun. It is as bold and as vibrant as Oshun, highlighting all the joy, happiness and feminine energy that she brings to the world.

Taking inspiration from traditional African culture, the shoot is Afrofuturistic in its nature, as it centres around cultural revival and revolution. With this piece in particular, Tyla [Model] became profoundly connected to the Goddess of Oshun and the deeply divine femininity that she embodies. There is something in Oshun that resonates with everybody, which is perhaps why Tyla found it so ‘genuine’ and easy to not only connect with her, but to seek out her ‘Inner Oshun’ in the process.

"After my initial research on Oshun I found a connection and ideas flowed almost effortlessly when putting my take on the goddess herself." - Tyla Brown

Videographer/ Photographer/ Editor Marcus Hessenberg - @mh_photos_london

Model/Creative Director Tyla Brown - @tylabrown_

Make Up Artist Shireen Kadhim - @shireenkadhim

Designer and Stylist Adeola Olajide - @Ambermystery, @Ambermysteryofficial

Jewellery Designer and Stylist Nayla - @naylas_treasures

Words by Ammaarah Zayna


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