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On the ground at Grenfell - A documentary by Nendie Pinto-Duschinsky

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

A year after the tragic multiple-murder that took place in Grenfell tower, filmmaker Nendie Pinto-Duschinsky uncovers stories from survivors and those who had their entire lives displaced by the fire.

Nendie Pinto-Duschinsky: On the ground at Grenfell

Whilst Nendie was recording a documentary about the closure of London’s Stowe Youth Centre, the nearby Grenfell tower grew flames that immersed the giant of a building and the hundreds of people inside it.

There is no debate that the fire was a result of neglect and sheer carelessness by the British Government, to the detrimental the cost of innocent, marginalized people that lived in the building. One year on and a documentary has been made that gives much needed amplification to the voices of unheard victims, whose stories have been swept under the well-stitched rug of Britain's "mistakes".

Adrienna Mckenzie, a filmmaker who worked on the documentary discussed its purpose as a means to highlight the contribution of young people in providing support and aid to Grenfell victims. "We wanted to make this film to highlight the community coming together and the young people actually helping out [...] because when we were looking on the TV initially in the first few days we were shown more hostile viewings of the young people and residents, and we just wanted to bring a more human side to it" (London Live)

Pinto-Duschinsky who used to run The Cut magazine for ten years with photographer Nina Manandhar – has used her great filmmaking skills to capture the narrative of Grenfell victims and to illuminate the humanity of those who have lost homes and whole families.

On the ground at Grenfell is now online to watch via Grenfell Speaks, a platform to support the Grenfell Tower survivors. Click here to donate to the London Fire Relief Fund to help those affected by the disaster.

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