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The Space Issue: Santiago De Cuba - Sana Badri

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Featuring members of the public from several corners of the world, Sana’s work honours those often ignored in the backgrounds of the mundane; children playing, women working. Sana creatively pays tribute to ordinary people that are too often (through the works of negligence and gentrification) victims of the surrounding world.

"Our emotional connections with the physical spaces we live in run profoundly deep. This photo series is a reflection on home, belonging, and how the identities of people and places are intertwined. Memories are hinged onto the physical spaces that we spent time making them in. A street corner or a shop can keep us connected to our past and loved ones through the memories we recall spending there. I wanted to explore how seeing a space could bring back faded images of moments, and how those faded memories trigger visceral responses of nostalgia and joy."

Read full issue in Yellowzine Issue 02: Buy here

Words by Aisha Ayoade


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