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Yellowtalks - Kei Maye on the new creative resource site

We've been big fans of digital illustrator Kei Maye since we came across her print stall at blackgirlfest 2017; since then we've been watching her moves as an illustrator and as a web-founder over the past few months and following her progress. Today as I read through the Printplug site, I decided to do an impromptu interview with her and turns out the trick to a quick yet insightful interview is just a DM away!

Printplug is a website that caters to the needs of contemporary creatives and passes on the necessary know-how on ways to navigate the art world. With tips on topics such as Copywriting, scoring an exhibition, and printer directories, Kei Maye has put together an online art bible for creators with questions.

Kei Maye: Print Plug

Kei Maye: Print Plug

So for people who haven’t yet come across it, what is Printplug?

Kei: It's a creative one stop shop with resources, helpful hints and tips to help people kick start and carve out their creative careers. It also features regular interviews and stories from those who are currently living within the art world, sharing their creative journeys (with all the highs and lows included) to serve as inspiration for others. I don't think there are enough inclusive creative safe spaces and resources out there, so I set about creating one.

Yeah we've read through it a few times, it’s awesome :) What type of resources are available on it?

Kei: Thankyou :) There is a manufacture directory, for those who are looking for places to have custom prints produced, it includes swimwear production companies, textiles, accessories, stationery and a host of other products. There are helpful links, an events listing section as well as breakdowns of various creative issues and terms such as; licensing, copyright, manufacture and print on demand. There are also links to a few freebies as well.

Currently in production is the introduction of a Freelance Hub as well, to provide listings of freelancers in different fields - connecting people with providers of varied creative services.

That’s so helpful! when did you start working on it? And is it just you?

Kei: I hope that it is helpful! I started to spin the cogs around a year ago - it was initially just going to be a directory, but I realised there were so many other areas that I could broach with this. It's just me, tinkering away in the background.

Oh wow, it’s got quuite a bit of content, do you have to balance the site with creating your own art work?

Kei: It's all a balancing act. I have my own art projects along with working as an educator - however, I'm in a position now where I'm fortunate to enjoy all aspects of my career, from my day job to self initiated projects. I enjoy it all so it doesn't feel like "work". I do have days where I need to rest though, so I have my switch off days to give myself the mental space and time to do what it has to - then get back to it.

Visit Printplug: Here

See more of Kei's work: Here

Kei Maye: Print Plug

Kei Maye: Print Plug


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